​​​​Ye shall be my People....

Learn about the different worship opportunities at the Church of the Epiphany, on Sunday and every day of the week. 



Pastoral Care


About our Worship

What is an Anglican? 

What should I expect when I visit for the first time?

Who do I talk to about _____?

Do you have a newsletter?

Can you tell me about your music?


We have multiple opportunities for learning and growing in our faith each week. 

The Cathedral Church of the Diocese of the Holy Cross

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Coming soon, a history of the the Church of the Epiphany, her people, and the journey God has led her on.

The clergy are available for Pastoral Care, home and hospital visits, marriage counseling, funeral preparation, confession and catechesis. 



Happenings and Events

The Anglican Cathedral Church of the Epiphany 


Morning Prayer: 7:30 AM Mon-Fri

                           8:30 AM Sat-Sun

Evening Prayer: 5:30 PM Daily

Weekday Mass: 8:00 AM Mon

                           6:00 PM Wed

                           Noon Fri 

​​​​Teaching and Growing 


8:30AM: Morning Prayer 
9:00AM: Low Mass 
9:45AM: Adult Sunday School 
10:30AM: Sung Mass 

11:30AM: Coffee Hour
 5:30PM: Evening Prayer ​