Easter Schedule

Holy Saturday 

8:00 AM: Rosary

8:30 AM: Morning Prayer  

6:0 PM: The Easter Vigil
Potluck Follows


Easter Sunday

8:30 AM : Morning Prayer 

9:00 AM: Said Mass

​10:30 AM:Pontifical Solemn High Mass 

Coffee Hour follows. 

Pastoral Care

The Anglican Cathedral Church of the Epiphany 

The Cathedral Church of the Diocese of the Holy Cross


Morning Prayer: 7:30 AM (Mon-Fri)

​                            8:30 AM (Sat)

Evening Prayer: 5:30 PM (Mon-Sat)

Weekday Mass:  6:00 PM Wed

                           Noon Fri 


8:30 AM: Morning Prayer 
9:00 AM: Low Mass 
10:30 AM: Sung Mass 
11:30 AM: Coffee Hour
 5:30 PM: Evensong ​(at St. Theodore's Chapel)