Lay Leaders 

Senior Warden: Pete Bethea

Altar Guild Director : 

 Rector: Bishop Paul Hewett 

Bishop Hewett has primary pastoral responsibility in the parish, and oversees all aspects of the church's life and ministry. A native of New England, he has served and planted numerous parishes around the United States and the United Kingdom, and has been the Rector, or Pastor, of the Church of the Epiphany, since 2010. 

See the Bishop for questions regarding involvement in the church family, the liturgy, pastoral care, counseling, hospital and home visits, and general inquiries. 

Curate: Fr. Zachary Braddock 

As Curate, Fr. Zachary Braddock assists the Rector in the operations of the Parish and in Pastoral Care.

See Fr. Braddock for questions regarding the liturgy, Adult Sunday School, parish involvement, and evangelism, as well as requests for home or hospital visits and pastoral care. 


Junior Warden: Lee Honeycutt

Assistant Priest: Fr. Paul Sterne 

Fr. Paul Sterne assists the Rector in pastoral oversight of the parish, and serves as Director and Chaplain of the C. S. Lewis Student Center and St. Theodore's Chapel, our outreach ministry at the University of South Carolina. 

See Fr. Sterne for questions regarding Youth and Young Adult Ministry, St. Theodore's Chapel, and the C. S. Lewis Student Center. 

Organist and Choirmaster:

Mr. Matthew Ganong

Mr. Matthew Ganong oversees the expanding music program at the Cathedral.

See Mr. Ganong for questions regarding the music, participation in choir, or the Thursday Noon concert series.